Have an iPhone/iPad? TigerPay is your credit card processing terminal!


The first Stripe app for Apple iOS devices



This is the web site of TigerPay, a $2 app for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, that turns your mobile device into a credit card processor which you can use to accept payments for your business (in-store), from your clients (freelance), or for any other situation where you would like to charge a credit card and have the funds deposited into your bank account.

How does it work?

TigerPay is powered by the Stripe developer-oriented credit card payments service, in fact, it is (at the time of this writing) the only officially-acknowledged iPhone app specifically for use as a Stripe payment terminal (others exist, but, payment terminal isn't their sole focus). You sign up for an account at Stripe, they give you an API key, and you enter that API key (or copy and paste it) into TigerPay and you're ready to accept payments!

What are the costs?

The TigerPay app has a one-time-only app store purchase price of approximately $2.00 US dollars. This covers my costs for the Apple developer program, and (if the app does well) might even buy me an extra pizza or two a year (this tiger loves his pizza!)Happy Zed the Tiger

When you charge a credit card with TigerPay, Stripe takes a very-competitive 2.9% cut out of your charged payment, plus 30 cents per transaction to cover their costs. By the way, to answer a question I was once asked, Apple does **NOT** take any cut out of your payments, in fact, they only take a small cut out of the $2 you pay for my app (so you might say I'm the real loser in this!)

What about card readers?

TigerPay 1.5.0 and later now support scanning cards via the iPhone/iPad/iPod camera! Spread the word!

Currently only scanning via camera is supported. I would love to be able to get Square's reader working with it; if you know how to make that happen, let me know. There is possibly some Bluetooth-based device out there that masquerades as a Bluetooth keyboard, reads a card, and then "types" the card number into the phone/tablet--again--let me know if you know of such a device, where to get it, and I'll link folks up to it (bonus points if you can confirm it works!)

How do I get this running?



I'm thrilled that you asked! Let's run through a quick first-time setup, assuming you're not yet a Stripe user, if you already have a Stripe account you can start with Step 2:

  1. Go to Stripe.com and set up an account.
  2. Go to the TigerPay page on iTunes App Store, and buy your copy (thank you in advance, you just made a certain tiger very happy!)
  3. Sign into your Stripe.com account, put your mouse over (or for iPhone/iPad you can tap on) the "Your Account" menu at the top-right corner.
  4. Choose "Account Settings" from the "Your Account" pop-up menu.
  5. When the "Account Settings" view comes up, click/tap "API Keys." Make a note of (or copy) the "Live Secret Key" since TigerPay wants it.
  6. Launch TigerPay on the iOS-based Apple mobile device of your choice, paste or enter the Live Secret Key into the text area you see, and press the button to save it into the app.
  7. Congratulations--there is no step 7--you're ready to start charging your customers with Stripe via TigerPay!
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